Updating Of The Fulcri “Coronavirus” Privacy Tool

Updating of the Fulcri “Coronavirus” Privacy Tool

The tool has been updated to the latest provisions of the Data Protection Authority on the state of epidemiological emergency of Covid-19.

The return to production activities required companies to adopt specific safety protocols and new operating procedures to be respected (and enforced) in relation to access to the premises where the business activity is carried out.

Pharmacies represent a special category that has played a key role in the management of the health emergency. In addition to the great stress from a work point of view, the need to innovate quickly from the point of view of new technologies and internal organization has emerged.

At the same time as the return to normal business activities of the so-called “Phase 2”, the competent Authorities also started the first controls in relation to the verification and correct implementation of the anti-infection protocols.

But what specific aspects do these controls concern?  Will the organization adopted by the Pharmacist be enough?

In the webinar of Wednesday 22 July, we provided these answers and presented the main news for the correct implementation of Covid-19 protocols in Pharmacies.

Watch the recording here.