PharmaQUI APP Promotional Campaign

PharmaQUI APP Promotional Campaign

For the market launch of the PharmaQUI APP in October and November, there will be advertising in trade magazines, a direct marketing campaign and editorial content in the main Pharmacy publications.

The new communication solution is an APP created and already available on digital stores (App Store and Google Play Store). It is called PharmaQUI and allows the pharmacist to stay in touch with his customers at all times.

The Pharmacy may be equipped with this new communication tool at a very convenient cost and with very fast distribution times, from the contract signed up to activation in less than 24 hours.

After the Pharmacy has joined the service, its customers can download the APP for free for both Android and iOS devices. They associate the Pharmacy through research by city, by geolocation or by reading the unique QR code provided on the material that Fulcri makes available to the Pharmacy. At this point, the PharmaQUI APP will then become the APP of the Pharmacy and the pharmacist can communicate with his customers at any time.

The main features of the APP are: product ordering and display of offers that can be updated independently by the Pharmacy, free push notifications for communication of offers, events and services, loyalty card area with discount coupons and personalized access for each customer.